If you look for a dress or style that will never go out of fashion, then it's undoubtedly the salwar suit. Bold yet elegant, salwar suits give you a sleek and stylish look. When it comes to women's traditional wear nothing else is as popular or well-liked as salwar suits. In fact, salwar suits have a global fame and recognition.
Salwar suit is one dress which is trendy as well as traditional at the same time. It is an important part of every woman's wardrobe. In fact, it's the best and most traditional dress that women wear. Since you get them in a range of colors, designs, cuts and fabrics, you can wear them to a number of events such as office, parties, picnics, festivals, at home and weddings. It's comfortable to wear, easy to carry and maintenance free. When worn with a long scarf, it adds grace and elegance to women. No matter what your age or skin tone, this three-piece dress suits almost every woman. All you need is the moderation and confidence to carry it.
There is a huge range of salwar suits today which sometimes make us confused or bewildered. Everybody wants dresses which suits them and enhance their overall personality. So you must choose a dress that compliments your look and personality. It must also hide any flaw, without looking obvious.
Following are a few handy tips that should help you in selecting the perfect salwar suit.
1. Little Color Tricks For women with fair complexion, almost every shade suits their taste. Nevertheless, bright pastel shades like emerald green, copper, pink and aqua blue look best on them. On the other hand, women with medium complexion look excellent in navy blue, rust and turquoise. Dark complexioned women may opt for shades like blue, brown and maroon or darker colors.
2. Be Aware of Your Body Measures Slim people can wear almost any type of clothes but if you are a little heavy or plump, consider opting for big floral prints and solid shades of suit; always choose vertical printed tops with long length. Again, women with heavy arms and broad shoulders must wear long sleeves and stay away from puff sleeved suits. Closed neck suits look very stylish and give a smart look to the wearer.
3. Pick the Right Fabric Cotton suits nearly all climates and events; however, without proper care and ironing, it doesn't look good. For weddings and other festive events, consider opting for something in silk, Georgette, crepe and chiffon etc. For office and other daily outings, choose suits in synthetic and cotton blend fabrics.
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